Losi TEN-SCTE H1 hybird 4WD Short Course Pro Chassis

This is the new 2014, H1-Pro Losi/SCTE hybrid conversion. Racing chassis, made by BCESPEED Racing Chassis USA! It has been getting outstanding reviews throughout the SCTE Racing Community. Material is Aerospace Grade 7075 T6 "Billet" CNC Machined. Not stamped or Imported like most aftermarket parts. a completely redesigned Tail,And now features our V2 lowest CG rearward battery index, that uses over the counter stock parts.low cost and very low weight with full adjustability. it will allow you to keep all of your series one(1)parts ie radio tray braces etc, and have the balance of the new Ver (2) for Superior Handling characteristics.and now the ultimate series one performance.. If you are serious about 4x4 SC racing then this is the Best foundation for your Losi SCTE 4X4. *** And Now Included.. 2.0 servo tray, and TLR torque rod mounting options, giving you even more range for tuning***
Losi TEN-SCTE H1 hybird 4WD Short Course Pro Chassis
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  • Item #: H1 PRO SC
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Price $98.95

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